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Professionally Anna Fabos is a
Social pedagogue, Strudied at Pázmány Péter
Scholarship in Denmark with the
Heart, Head, Hand project:
(Creativity and Innovation in
Education through Theatre, Art,
Music and Group Work).
The Head, Heart and Hands
Model is composed of three
Head: The rational basis for the
Heart: The emotional attachment
and commitment to the change.
Hand: The actions that must be
taken in order for change to actually occur. 

"Anna is a soothing and special
presence, her energy is extremely
feminine and gentle, yet she
has a powerful rootedness and
concentration that transmits both
peace and inspiration to
especially those who can
experience her ancient yet
contemporary music and
sound healing. 
From her unique voice and
flowing melodies, she also
integrates silence and meditative
space into journeys that transport the listener to mysterious times and worlds.

Her experience of Ayurveda is felt as a listener and facilitates a deeply relaxing and empowering experience where one's own fears and blockages do not seems to have as much power in interfering with fulfilling one's potential. Anna is pure love."
Written by "Unknown Angel"

More about Head Heart Hand Education:

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