Self-Realization, Yoga  

                             Painting and Music Retreat

          Self-Developing, Yoga, Art course

                  17 Universal principle to revive internal knowledge

July 2-July 8

We cordially invite you to a lifelong adventure, a spiritual

journey in your own universe.

Participation does not require any artistic (eg drawing)

skills or experience.

We start from the point of silence, which is the core of all

creation, where desire appears.

This desire grows as the process unfolds, and with the

experience of self-expression, it arouses enthusiasm,

and the joy of creation and light is born within us.

Hatha Yoga and Sound Baths in the mornings will help to

deepen our experiences.

Self-expression must be liberated by all of us.

During the course, we will go through the process
of self-expression and self-knowledge by learning

about seventeen principles.

On the last day, we experience the oneness, that

means the unit of myself and the universe,

We have the courage to share it. At the same time,

we return to the starting point, the point of silence,

which is the basis of all creativity.

The consequences of our own life tasks, actions, the knowledge,

the object of knowledge, and the relationships of the process of cognition can be revealed.

In accordance with the laws of nature, we are able - through the

development of consciousness - to
express ourselves more and more, to revive the artist and

scientist we all possess.

We hold our activities in group, max. 10-15 person, as this gives enough attention to each participant,
creating a fertile group harmony in which the mind can open itself adequately, while being as close as
possible to the transcendent, in which the boundaries are dissolved.

All the classes been accompanied with Music of Anna Fabos to help our inner journey deepen, will give a special infusion of art and music journey.







The course fee is 695 Euro in 2 bed shared rooms which includes the cost of materials and equipment to be used.

Single bedroom is 730 Euro

(includes all taxes and fees)

Course Leaders: Marika Schwarcz and Anna Fabos

Application and more information:


Every day :

7:30-9:00 Hatha Yoga Sound Relaxation by Tibetan bowls

9:00-10:00 Breakfast

10:00 - 17:00

Meditative painting, Self-Expression with Music trough main Guydlines:
- Means of self-expression: the 4 principles as a dictionary
-Evolution of our ability to tune into the Universe through experience

- Experiencing the maturing soul to acknowledge the darkness but moves toward the light
-Finding the Right Way to Express ourselves. Space as an expression of consciousness. Infinity in the mids of boundries.

12:00-13:30 Lunch Break

18:00-19:00 Dinner

20:00-21:00 Concert or Traditional Hungarian Round Dances 








About The Painter:

Ever since I was a child, I echoed te wonderful diversity of the world in all sorts of forms of creativity,dance, singing, music, drawing.
From the age of 19, I lived in Sydney, Brussels, Paris and Montreal. As I worked in various cartoon
studios, I continued to train myself in dance and drawing, and my interest turned to creating custom
graphics that allowed me to better reflect my inner world.
Returning to Hungary after 16 years, I gradually became a painter, turning to autonomous creative work,
realizing the experience of total inner freedom I had longed for since I was a child.
After decades of creative work, I would like to share this liberating impulse that represents the joy of living in all walks of life.











Máriahalom, Pataksor u. 12, 2527 Hungary

The Bio village is really special and quiet experience, with full of -"Natural Art", created by the owner. (All the materials of the house is from wood clay and hay Art.)
The house is surrounded by beautiful fields, hills and woods. In the dawn you can even see dears and charming wildlife. The place just radiate this harmony and silence, it is just like you walk in a fairy-tale, all in unique shape houses and rooms with curves round shapes, all handmade with love.

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