"Reconnect fully to your present"

Sound baths in groups are so powerful

 because they help to raise our collective

consciousness, but in individual therapies

it has even deeper beneficial effects.  


As we know from past research,

Tibetan monks have been using bowls

to get deeper and more profound

experiences from meditation, raise their

spirits and energy through vibration's

effect on consciousness.

In an individual sound "journey"

I can work more specifically by placing 

the bowls on different parts of the body

to feel pure vibration on the physical

level, that communicates geometrically

with the cellular level.

The benefits are numerous but just to mention a few:

-Promotes healing from disorders, pain, depression and most forms of dis-ease.

-Enhanced deep meditative states, peacefulness, clarity of mind.


-Atoms, molecules, cells and tissues function in a more synchronised way.

- Stress release, equilibrium of brain hemisphere patterns (as observed in measuring brain wave patterns).

-Deeper sleep.

-Bringing creativity and simplicity on a mental level.


Individual Sound Bath 

Singing Lessons

Self realization through singing.

Nothing has a more powerful

healing effect than your own


It's the "self-expression of life". 

Guided singing can help you

open up and be more conscious,

accepting and actualise your

inner potential with deeper

understanding and courage, 

challenging one's comfort zone to grow.